Python Price Scraping Made Easy – Automate Your Pricing Analysis

Running an e-commerce business in today’s world can be quite a job. Everyone is trying to beat each other with different tactics in marketing campaigns, prices, customer service, etc… To keep up with your competitors you must know their prices for the same products as yours to stay just below them to attract customers.

With that said, let’s take a look at how you can scrape prices from your competitor’s e-Commerce website for prices on products that matches your products.

Back in the day, an organization had to manually go to the competitors’ stores, check their prices and then return to their company and update the product catalog with new prices. This used to require a lot of human resources and was very time-consuming. As more and more companies turn to the e-commerce part of their business, the prices for products in a digital world become more transparent. This gives customers the option to check for the best price every time they want to shop for a new product.

In this short tutorial, I will teach you how to use selenium with Python to create a script that will extract prices from your competitors’ websites and store the values in a CSV for further processing.

Let’s imagine you got an e-commerce website and you sell dog equipment. Lots of other websites out there are also selling dog equipment and some of them even got the same products as you do. To get an advantage over your competitors, you need to check their product prices every day, or hour to see if there are any changes in their pricing and update your shop accordingly.

To do this we need to do some web scraping using Python. To achieve this we will be using a Python package named Selenium with a chrome driver to inspect price elements on the websites.

You can use the above script for a single product or tweak it to use it for multiple products on one single website. In this short tutorial about Python web scraping, you learned how a simple python script can help you to track competitor prices to your advantage.

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